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The Bahian culture is one of the most evocative and plural of Brazil. The mixture of people and customs led to a culture that has diversity as a trademark.


This friendly village sits on top of a small hill, with many beaches, cliffs, river mouths and coconut. Competitive place for celebrities and jet sets around the world.


The green of the coconut trees, the blue sea, the great variety of ecosystems, part of this region, provide a beautiful backdrop on this trip along the North Coast, also known as the Coconut Coast.

Recôncavo Baiano – Cachoeira

A trip through the Bahian countryside focusing on the importance of the region during colonial expansion, Cachoeira, one of the largest cities of the Recôncavo, listed by the National Heritage of Historical and Artistic Institute as a National...

Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is the home of beautiful beaches, but also reserves spectacular historical itineraries. The Great Fountain, built in 1746 for capturing and settling of the waters, was the scene of memorable events in national history, as...

Recôncavo Baiano

The Reconcavo Baiano is the strip of land that surrounds the Bay of All Saints, a distance of 60 km wide, from the maritime boundary. The Reconcavo soil characteristics are distinct. In the closest area to Salvador, they are...