Historical Salvador


Duração: 4 hs

This tour is a journey through the history of the city of Salvador, and the history of Brazil as well, passing through the most important monuments to the Historic Center, a major urban complex of the colonial period.

On this Upper City tour, we will encounter the oldest architectural treasures in Bahia.

We start at Farol da Barra, at the entrance of the All Saints Bay, where today the City Nautical Museum fuctions.

Close by is Porto da Barra, with its two protecting forts of Santa Maria and San Diego Forts and then the traditional neighborhoods of Corredor da Vitória, Campo Grande (this square is the heart carnival of Bahia), and Piedade.

Arriving at the Praça Municipal we have a beautiful view of the Lacerda Elevator, as well as the Lower City and the All Saints Bay. Following on foot to Pelourinho, the highlight of our trip, considered by UNESCO the largest collection of colonial architecture from the 17th and 18th in Latin America.

The colorful houses and the charming streets and sidewalks of stone make this tour even more interesting. Churches such as San Francisco, known as “gold church” with baroque interior covered with gold leaf, and the Basilica Cathedral. Pelourinho is also a important center of culture and entertainment, where can many types of museums, restaurants, theaters and squares are found, and where shows like the world known “Olodum Rehearsal” occur.

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