Recôncavo Baiano

The Reconcavo Baiano is the strip of land that surrounds the Bay of All Saints, a distance of 60 km wide, from the maritime boundary. The Reconcavo soil characteristics are distinct. In the closest area to Salvador, they are more conducive to planting sugar cane. Already the most distant, most used for tobacco cultivation, by the end of the sixties.

Born on the banks of the Paraguaçu River during the colonial period, and sugarcane, the city of Cachoeira, 110km from Salvador one of the main cities in the Reconcavo Baiano, protected by the National Heritage Institute as Artistic National Monument, left through its mark on Brazilian history. Beautiful churches and chapels built at a time when the region had important economic significance and portray the high religious spirit of a people who lives in parallel with the african-Brazilian religion, which is widely recognized in the city.

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