The history of Bahia gets along with Brazil history.

Located in northeastern Brazil, where it currently live just over 15 million inhabitants, and has Salvador as its capital – first capital of the country – is bordered by eight states and has a land area of 564,733 km²,

The Bahian culture is one of the most evocative and plural of Brazil. The mixture of people and customs led to a culture that has diversity as a trademark. The state is considered as one of the main diffusers centers of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Bahian African culture has great influence in music, cuisine and religion being the birthplace of activities such as Capoeira and religions like Candomblé, which are an important part of the intangible heritage of Brazil.

Considered one of the major tourist centers of Brazil, and favorite destination of Brazilian people, Bahia offers more than 20 destinations and itineraries attending to all tastes. Beaches with warm and clear waters which provide swimming and water sports. Adventure and Ecotourism in the Atlantic Forest regions. Trekking and bathing in rivers and stunning waterfalls in the Chapada Diamantina, are among other options of visits and activities, which are easily found in Bahia in addition to it´s Culture and History.

The Bahian people are known for their joy, responsiveness and musicality. Bahia is a place to be experienced, blending with its people, with their customs and traditions, in cuisine, festivities and devotion. It´s certain unique and unforgettable moments!

Come! Bahia is waiting for you!

General Information

Town: Salvador
Stateo: Bahia
Abbrevition: BA
Region: Nordeste

Latitude: 12º 58′ 16″ S
Longitude: 38º 30′ 39″ W
Elevation: 8m
Area: 709,5 Km2

Bahia Flag:

Climate: tropical (coastal regiona) and semi-arid (interior).Salvador and surrounding area has a predominantly hot, with rain in winter and dry summer, it reaches extremes of 12ºC in winter and 38 ° C in summer. The Atlantic breeze makes the temperature pleasant city even on the hottest days. Better to visit in the summer months.

Rainiest months: May to July

What to wear:: light clothes of cotton or other lightweight fabrics, which help the skin to breathe, hats or caps, slippers, comfortable shoes, swimsuit, bikini or swimming trunks, sunscreen and insect repellent! !

Money: The currency in Brazil is the Real (R $). In Salvador there are numerous choices of places to exchange. Airport, shopping centers and exchange offices in the Historic Center.

Fees: The boarding fees are usually included in the passages, but tourist taxes are not included in the daily of the hotels and if the customer does not want to make the contribution, has its right guaranteed by giving notice to the hotel before check out.

Tips: In general throughout Brazil the tips in bars and restaurants are 10% and may or may not be included in the account. It is important to check.

Safety: Like any big city with tourist appeal, Salvador is not free of violence, but it was the first capital of Brazil to deploy a Police Protection to the Tourist. To avoid inconvenience on your trip it is best to take precaution. Here are some tips:

  • Exchanging foreign currency at official exchange houses.
  • Do not go out with jewelry and valuables to draw attention.
  • Do not leave bags, cameras, mobile or bags with no known nearby..
  • Avoid walking alone or in little crowded places.
  • It is better to put the money, which should be just enough for daily use, indoors or tight pockets..
  • Request information on suitable branches to serve the tourist, commercial or police establishments..
  • Carry always with an identification document, instead of the entire wallet, and a paper with notes site where you are staying and contact numbers.
  • Tourists should be wary of strangers who are being very responsive, avoiding mainly consume beverages that may be offered..
  • In case of assault, never react. Immediately after, look for the tourist police station..

Deltur – Police Protection to the Tourist

Largo Cruzeiro São Francisco, 14 – Pelourinho

Tel: (71) 3116 6817 / 3116 6512

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