Jorge Amado was one of the most awarded Brazilian writers inside and outside Brazil. He is the author who has more works adapted for film, theater and television. His books have been published in 55 countries and translated into 49 languages. But above all he described Bahia as anyone. In addition to tracing the cartography of the city of Salvador da Bahia, he described with a super engaging prose, customs of the Bahian people.

He used to investigate the character of the bahians , prized the miscegenation of the people and the contradictions of their free and conservative way. Despite the effort to understand Salvador, Jorge Amado called attention to the mystery that covers the city. Where it comes from, nobody knows. The drums of Candomblé? Sailboats of the pier? The churches? Market? The writer recommends not to attempt to decipher the city’s secrets because its mysteries involve completely the body, the soul and the heart of Bahians.

This 6-hour tour consists of a visit to the home where Jorge lived with his family. A true immersion in the family history and literary writer universe. The space has 15 rooms where you can check memories in the life of Jorge Amado and Zelia Gattai, his wife. Visitors can also access important documents and letters exchanged by Jorge Amado with national and international personalities.

Continuing the theme of Jorge Amado, we visit “ Yemanjá” house in the same bohemian neighborhood of Rio Vermelho, ending with a visit to Rio Vermelho Market, to experience a little bit of the cuisine that Jorge Amado had so much praised in his books, ending with a lunch of typical Bahian food in one of the local market’s restaurants.

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