Visiting Museums

Duração: 4 hours


Visiting museums provokes discoveries about man and allows establish historical connections with people from different regions of the world;

A good option to visit Salvador and its history is to visit some museums in town.

During this experience, visitors can choose to visit as many museums as there are possible in the space of four hours.

Some of them are installed in historic buildings.

Here we highlight some of the most important museums in the city:

Museum Carlos Costa Pinto
In an American colonial style, the building houses the Museu Carlos Costa Pinto Foundation and provides a magnificent picture of Bahia Colonial and Imperial.

The exhibits, which pertecenram mostly the old families of the sugar aristocracy, relive the times of solar and Bahian plantations.

The Museum opens from Monday to Sunday from 14: 30h to 19: 00h except Tuesday, when it closes to the public for maintenance and technical work


Museum of Modern Art of Bahia(MAM)
It is considered one of the leading contemporary art spaces of the country and the most important of the state. The equipment is located in the architectural complex of the “Solar do Unhão”, listed by the Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN). The restoration project is the architect Lina Bo Bardi .

The site regularly holds exhibitions of local artists, national and foreign, and has an outdoor gallery, the Sculpture Park, from where you can enjoy an unforgettable setting of the sun.

The courtyard also performs other activities, in addition to having a Cafe, housed in a special area on the edge of the Bay.

The site’s collection has works by artists such as Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila do Amaral, Candido Portinari, Flávio de Carvalho, Tunga, Waltercio Caldas, Siron Franco, Marepe, Caetano Dias, among others. There are also works of José Pancetti, Pierre Verger, Carybé, and Samson Flexor.


Sacred Art Museum of Bahia.

This museum belongs to the Federal University ( UFBA) and it is located in the former Convent of St. Teresa of Avila, founded by the Discalced Carmelites in the mid-seventeenth century.

The museum opened on 10 August 1959.

It features rich collection of wooden images, baked clay, soapstone and ivory sculptures, paintings, tiles, graves and tombstones.

Open Mon to Fri from 13:30 to 17:30


Afro-Brazilian Museum
Maintained by the Federal University of Bahia, administered by Afro-Oriental Studies Centre, it is installed in five rooms of the old School of Medicine.

In addition to it´s function as an institution dedicated to research, it aims to promote closer ties between Brazil and Africa.

Its permanent exhibits comply with three criteria and the Orixás panel signed by the artist Carybé is one of the highlights.

The temporary exhibitions aim to show reciprocal influences between these cultures, using all possible documentation.

Open Monday to Friday from 09: 00- 17:00.

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